Visit Review : Princes’ Islands – ISTANBUL

Short History: The nine Islands situated in the sea of Marmara in Istanbul, Turkey, were named that way because they were the exile of princes and other royalty during the Byzantine period. They were taken by the Ottoman navy in 1453. Nowadays, the islands became a very popular destination for tourists in Istanbul.

 The Visit 

Our visit was to the biggest island: Büyükada, during January 2018. 

  Since it was winter time, the island was pretty much empty, with only some tourists enjoying the carriage tours proposed in the place. The architecture of the houses is really amazing ( some of them is destined to be rent in summer time), we were also told that during the hottest months of the year, the big island gets really busy.

  Once there, you will notice a varied set of restaurants and souvenirs stores, prices are a bit more expensive since you are on a touristic island, but the view is worth it.

How to get there ?==> Ferries are available all day; but you better hit the sea in the morning to enjoy the islands as much as possible; during summer, and if you are visiting with family, it will be interesting to rent a house and enjoy a calm exotic stay ( no cars are allowed there; only bicycles and carriages)

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